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The resplendent creativity of people in India has never ceased to fascinate me. It was but natural that this magnificence swept over me and influenced me strongly to create KATIA SHANTI KOLLEKTION.

I lived for more than 7 years in New Delhi. During this time I explored India by  travelling, watching movies, visiting art exhibitions, attending elaborate Indian weddings, by meeting people and thus had ample opportunities to inhale that indescribable spirit called India…

I feel continually inspired by the never-ending creative energy and the richness in abundance that is visible in India. The pulsating enthusiasm among the Indian youth about designs and new creations cannot be overlooked. I enjoy to meet, connect, interact and work with them regularly.


KATIA SHANTI KOLLEKTION is inspired by the diverse ethnic designs of India, interpreted in a contemporary and suitable way to address the imagination of fashion lovers in the West. KATIA SHANTI KOLLEKTION is a homage on India, its perpetual creativity and beautiful colours.

It is my core focus to discover and create something new in India and design it to the liking of the people in Europe.

In other words: KATIA SHANTI KOLLEKTION offers you the latest styles in design and takes you a step ahead in future trends.


Katia Shanti



Dreams of Bollywood

The bags and the jewellery you see on this website emerge out of an irresistible inspiration, reflecting the vivacious colours of the vibrant city of Mumbai!

The idea to create KATIA SHANTI KOLLEKTION was conceived here in Mumbai - India`s most fashionable metropole - where the Bollywood Film Industry is located !

We are delighted to bring those exuberant colours to Europe and to make You enjoy the gleeful glamour of Bollywood and the scintillating spirit of other enchanting places in India.

Each bag has a one-off pattern, each piece of jewellery has a unique design, created specially for you....